Next to a friend’s referral, testimonials or a consultation are the best ways to figure out who’s the right practitioner for you. Oregon doesn't license practitioners or validate their training so, as you can imagine, there can be big differences in skills and effectiveness. Here's what clients have to say...

Skilled, Ethical and Effective*

"Steve Frison is the most highly educated, highly skilled hypnotherapy practitioner I have ever met. I have referred many patients to him over the years, always with swift success.

I often hear feedback like "I can't believe how much easier my life has become," or "I simply don't crave the junk any more." I am a client myself, that's how much I trust him.

If you're looking for a skillful, highly ethical hypnotherapist, you've come to the right place. The State of Oregon foolishly does not grant "licenses" for hypnotherapy, so it is essential for potential clients to perform "due diligence" before entrusting their care to a practitioner.

If you can trust a naturopathic endocrinologist to do her homework, then please take my word for it: Steve Frison is highly effective, skillful and ethical in all ways."
Dr. Debra McKay, ND        Portland OR

* Your results may be different. 

Lost 8 1/2 Pounds after 2 Sessions*

I decided to try hypnosis to help shed a few pounds, exercise more and maintain the good health I currently enjoy. I went to a large hypnosis center and they said it would take weekly visits for six months to achieve my goals. I knew it wasn't the place for me.

I did some research, found Steve and I'm sure glad I did! Steve is so easy to talk to and he makes you feel good about yourself. After just two sessions I've lost 8.5 pounds and I'm more active. No pressure, no gimmicks, no diet and I saved a lot of time and money.
Lynn Ravelli        Newberg OR

* Your results may be different. 

Lost 19 Pounds after 1 Session*

I went to Steve a few months ago to lose weight. I had one session with him and since then I've lost 19 pounds and it was very easy to do. On average I've been losing 1 1/2 to 2 lbs per week which was exactly what we planned. I have no desire to eat sweets which was my downfall in the past. I eat healthier with more fruits, vegetables and less red meat. I walk 30 minutes every day, and I feel so much healthier now, both physically and mentally. Thank you so much for giving me the tools to accomplish my goal. I have a bit more to lose and I'm very confident I'll achieve it.
Pam Yuzon,        Portland OR

* Your results may be different. 

Lost Weight without Willpower*

It is difficult to explain the amazing difference this has made already. You told me this was not going to be about will power but I did not understand what you meant at the time. It still shocks me when I realize I don't have to 'choose' to not grab cookies or candy but rather it simply doesn't occur to me to grab them. While I know that you typically will lose more weight in the first week I have to say that it still pleases me to have dropped 4 lbs already…
Sonjia Hauser,        Portland OR

* Your results may be different. 

New Relationship with Food*

I went to see Steve to address an overeating problem that has left me terribly over weight. Using hypnotherapy Steve brought out the hidden problem that was at the root of my overeating problem. I used the self-hypnosis program he prepared for me and my entire relationship with food has changed. The insights I have received from hypnosis have improved almost every aspect of my life and have brought me peace of mind. I highly recommend Steve's services.
Larry Martin        Portland OR

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Best Weight Loss Investment Ever *

I decided to seek out help when I embarked on a 30 day food "cleanse." With Steve's help, it quickly became apparent that I had created internal dialogue that was preventing me from reaching my weight loss goals and optimal health. After one session with Steve, I felt an immediate shift in attitude and focus. I knew I had the skills to reach my goals and Steve helped me unlock a new set of tools that has allowed me lose weight, stay positive and believe in my ability to sustain healthy change.
Sara Tooley,        Portland OR

* Your results may be different. 

Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem *

I struggled with stress and self-confidence my entire life. It was getting to the point where it was holding me back from living my life. I was in a constant worried state of mind, and would obsess over even the smallest things. Social situations were difficult because I was so self-conscious and felt like I had to try way too hard, making regular conversation with people exhausting. I had always been extremely hard on myself and was my own worst enemy at times because I couldn't accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes from time to time. I felt like I had to be perfect.

Steve helped change my outlook on life by reinforcing positive thinking and confidence. I no longer obsess over mistakes and instead learn from them and move on. I'm calm in social situations while staying confident. I feel like I can live my life now without being nearly as anxious as I used to be. I would strongly recommend Steve to anyone suffering from stress. He is a great person and has helped me tremendously. I wish I had found him a long time ago.
Eric Raya,        Portland OR

* Your results may be different. 

Profoundly Changed*

Honestly, I walked into hypnosis more due to curiosity. I suppose I was cautiously optimistic. I figured, worst case scenario, I learn more about hypnosis and am the same as before I went in... Well I was quite surprised when I walked out profoundly changed. It is hard to describe, but something major in me had shifted and I felt, and have continued to feel, a great sense of peace. The concerns I had, that lead me to try hypnosis, vanished. Steve is a natural healer, who is authentic, pleasant, and comforting.
Lua Weatherdon,        Portland OR

* Your results may be different. 

Chronic Pain Relieved*

"Over the past few years I've struggled with persistent back pain following an injury. After one session and listening to the CD he made for me, I completely stopped my use of over the counter pain medication, which I had been taking on a daily basis. Working with the recording every day for a month I took Ibuprofen only once, during an illness. hypnosis worked for me, and my body is grateful not to be taking the pain medicine. I gladly recommend Steve for anyone struggling with chronic pain."

* Your results may be different. 

Cass Baisden        Beaverton, OR

Getting the Sleep I Need*

I've had lifelong problems with sleep which were impacting my mental and physical health. I worked through the most obvious reasons with my doctor and my counselor but was still having problems falling asleep. Two sessions with Steve were quite productive and uncovered issues I was totally unaware of. He tailored the self-hypnosis suggestions to respond to those and as a result I'm now getting the rest I need.
Christine White        Portland, OR

* Your results may be different. 

Sleeping Great and Pain Free!*

I have had increasingly worse sleeping problems for about twenty years. After a major career transition recently, I was at wits end – the prescription for sleeping medication wasn't working at all, and my naturopath suggested that I see Steve. I immediately trusted him – he's thorough in his explanation of the process of hypnosis, and patient, compassionate and utterly professional. His home office is comfortable and peaceful. After the first session it was clear that the root of the problem was a subconscious response to a childhood issue. I immediately felt at peace, and after several sessions of "peeling back the onion" was finally able to sleep deeply for eight hours, which feels like a miracle to me.

I've also seen Steve for managing arthritis and bursitis pain which was a fascinating process, and successful. I have recommended Steve to several friends, who have also had excellent results for a variety of issues. I highly recommend seeing Steve for anyone who has dealt with difficult sleep or pain issues.
Kate Bodin        Portland OR

* Your results may be different. 

Pain is Gone!*

"Ever have some type of constant pain that you knew you would just have to live with? I have and I can say today that with help from Steve and hypnotherapy I am now pain free. Hard to believe? I thought the same thing before I worked with Steve. He is an amazing person. He truly listens; he asks probing questions; and he gets to the important issues. My chronic pain was from my ankle joint. There was no cartilage left so it was just bone on bone whenever I stood on my left leg. The pain was typically a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 and it was only getting worse. After just one session with Steve I came away pain free. Since that time, I have worked with Steve on two personality/emotional issues. And in both cases, I feel better; have less anxiety and a more positive view of my well-being and life in general.

Now it's your turn to find an incredible way through Steve to live better, be healthier and happier. I strongly encourage everyone to work with Steve."
Ginny Baynes        Portland, OR

* Your results may be different. 

Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis Pain Gone*

I have worked with Steve Frison since January of 2011. I went to Steve because I have had fibromyalgia since 2000 and I also have osteoarthritis in both knees. The right knee is so bad that my orthopedist said I will need a knee replacement sometime in 2012. A friend recommended Steve as he had been of much help to her with her pain issues. When I began to see Steve, I was under a doctor's care and taking morphine twice a day to help deaden that pain. I still had pain even with the morphine.

The first therapy session with Steve was great. I left his office with the fibromyalgia pain gone (and it is still gone), and with greatly reduced pain in my right knee (the worst one). I have seen Steve three more times and have virtually no pain in my knees. I consider this a real blessing and a miracle. Steve also gave me a self-hypnosis tape that I use about every other day. It really helps me relax and get back to the comfortable state that my body loves.

Steve is a gentle, compassionate and tender therapist. He is encouraging and supportive of my efforts and it is obvious that he wants only the best for me.

I would recommend Steve to anyone who is experiencing pain issues and who has tried more conventional treatments with limited success.
Rebecca Dodson        Portland, OR

* Your results may be different. 

Parkinson Symptoms Reduced*

"A year ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and have been exploring multiple methodologies to alleviate the symptoms. I 've had several sessions with Steve and have been very impressed with his listening skills, his ability to guide me into deeper places of my consciousness, his willingness to hold Presence for me if I need to process an emotion that has been deeply buried for years, and his general attitude of compassion and acceptance. A very special bonus is that following each session, Steve creates an MP3 especially formatted with the client's personal hypnotherapy suggestions, providing an invaluable tool to further the work. The results I've experienced after two sessions include improved posture, increased mobility of shoulders, increased motivation to exercise and do yoga, increased strength and vitality and I feel more calm, content, and trusting.

I just had my second session with my chiropractor who has been working for months to open up my shoulders and upper thorax in order to improve my posture. She reports that since I've been receiving hypnotherapy, she feels like she's working on a different body. Today we were able to stretch in ways that have eluded me for the past two years and I think I left her office about 3 inches taller. This is directly related to the subconscious re-programming experienced through the hypnotherapy and I'm really excited about this work. My results have been so good I've recommended Steve to my Parkinson's support group."

Judith Kahealani Lynne        Portland, OR

* Your results may be different. 

Mental Game Improves*

"Our son was excelling in so many aspects in his high school sports career, with the exception of his mental game. He was moved onto the Varsity team as a freshman and began losing his confidence in his game. We interviewed a sports psychologist and opted to try a different path and look into hypnosis. After interviewing both professionals, our son really connected with Steve Frison and his approach to "feeling differently" about his game. Our son really only needed 1 session with Steve. We saw immediate results and my husband and I noted after his first game this season, "Our basketball player is back!" Steve is a very caring and truly seeks to help his clients overcome their obstacles. He went above and beyond to make our son a recording which is a great affirmation of his abilities and skills. He is able to listen to this recording before his games and it makes a tremendous difference. We are very thankful to have found Steve and would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with their mental game."
Mark & Kari Spehalski        West Linn, OR

p* Your results may be different. 

Teenager's Behavior Improves*

"My adolescent son was exhibiting numerous behavioral issues and substance abuse problems that caused stress on my family. Over the past few years, we tried numerous in-patient and out-patient treatment programs, psychologists, counselors, etc. None of these were successful.

After two hypnosis sessions with Steve and listening to the self-hypnosis materials he prepared for my son, I have seen significant progress in my son's behavior and attitude. I strongly believe that Steve was able to reach and help address the core issues that were driving my son's behavior. I highly recommend Steve's services to any parent experiencing behavioral issues with their adolescent."

Wayne Milsted        Beaverton, OR

* Your results may be different. 

Quality of Life Enhanced*

"After Steve was recommended to me by a good friend, I met with him twice and experienced positive changes physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I didn't understand why I woke up worried and had difficulty making decisions and taking actions that would enhance my life. I wanted to enjoy and maintain the good life that I am fortunate to have, and I wanted to be of service to others

I look forward to listening regularly to the recording that Steve makes after each session. It's a great tool because it's short enough to fit into a busy schedule, and it reinforces the hypnotherapy suggestions that are specific to me. This is not an intellectual process, and I really like that. The changes are often subtle, integrating naturally into daily life. I rediscovered the loving truth about myself and am now experiencing it at a deep level. I wake up with a positive attitude and my overall quality of life is enhanced."

I am grateful for this healing work, and I highly recommend Steve to anyone to help address whatever is getting in the way of living the life that you desire.
Peg Rueler        Portland, OR

* Your results may be different. 

Results in 1 Session*

"I noticed a change in behavior almost immediately after the first session. The very next day, I put myself in the same situation where I would react negatively, and after an initial case of nerves, I was able to maintain a serious conversation while feeling very relaxed, open, and even happy and smiling. It has been life changing for me and I really appreciate what you have done for me."
Nadia Nyland        Portland, OR

* Your results may be different. 

Sports Performance Improves*

"I've known and respected Steve for many years. I'm 51 years old and have been studying martial arts for 4 years, and was about to test for my 1st Degree Black Belt. The tests are typically +4 hour athletic marathon torture tests where you are expected to give 100% effort throughout the entire test (i.e., not "pace yourself"). I'm in fairly good shape after 4 years of martial arts training, but when it comes to testing, my main concern has always been my athletic stamina, and the ability to maintain focus and concentration when becoming fatigued and dehydrated.

Through just two sessions with Steve, I gained the ability to rejuvenate myself and maintain my stamina, focus and concentration throughout my entire Black Belt test. Before I knew it the test was over and I found myself living the vision of receiving my 1st Degree Black Belt thanks to my sessions with Steve.

Working with Steve is a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to achieve their peak performance goals"
Ron Bates         Tigard, OR

* Your results may be different. 

Reading Skills and Recall Improve*

"During high school I suddenly developed a problem reading and remembering what I read. Needless to say, this problem made my high school and university studies extremely difficult and it has distressed me through my adult life. After just one hypnotherapy session, I now read quickly and easily, and I remember what I read. Steve also taught me self-hypnosis, which I used daily to reinforce the suggestions he created for me. Reading is enjoyable once again.

I highly recommend Steve if you have problems that prevent you from fully living your life. He is very professional and is truly interested in helping others reach their full potential."
Mike Zurovitch         Santa Fe, NM

* Your results may be different. 

Back to Work*

"I had lost the passion and interest in a career that I love. I found this deeply troubling which only seemed to contribute to feeling tired and lethargic in general. I found it difficult to meet deadlines and produce the caliber of work that I was known for creating. I felt like I was in a downward spiral.

After just two sessions with Steve, that all changed. I have seen a phenomenal turn-around in my attitude and energy level. Steve also taught me self-hypnosis which gives me the ability to reinforce what I learned in the sessions. It was exactly the outcome I was hoping to see. Thanks Steve!"
Leslee Viehoff        Portland, OR

* Your results may be different. 

Renewed Sense of Peace*

"I've had two hypnotherapy sessions with Steve and have found instant, deep results. After my first session I found a sense of peace around early childhood hospital visits that has lasted for several months so far. On my second visit we worked on health and weight issues and although I'm going to many holiday parties, I'm finding it much easier to eat smaller, healthier meals. Of course I'm having a hard time resisting the desserts but, I'm only eating 1/3 of what I normally would eat. Steve sent me "homework" that is clear and easy to do. It doesn't take much time and has an amazing impact on my attitude around eating.

Working with Steve was easy. His office is peaceful, quiet and feels safe and relaxing. He put me at ease right away and I felt comfortable talking with him about personal issues. Steve listens carefully to what you say and then incorporates that information into custom suggestions. Hypnosis requires trust and trusting Steve is easy - and appropriate. His only motivation in doing this work is to be helpful and he truly is!

There is no question that Steve is a healer using hypnotherapy as his medium."
Linda Cahan        West Linn, OR

* Your results may be different. 

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