Enjoy Life free from Tobacco

You already know tobacco is bad for you. Maybe you've tried to quit but couldn't or started again after a few months. What if there was a better way?

Hypnosis makes it easy to leave cigarettes behind. It's so effective the British Medical Association recommends it as the method of choice for smoking cessation. In fact, it works so well the government pays for it.

What's the success rate?

A 2 hour session is all that’s needed for more than 90% of clients. Occasionally someone needs a little extra help but it's quite rare.

Will You have cravings?

The overwhelming majority don't but just to make sure, you'll learn a technique to quickly stop cravings. You probably won’t need it but it’s nice to have if you do.

Support after the Session

You listen to a free 22 minute session daily for 3 weeks to reinforce the process. Of course, this isn’t high school and you might decide to skip it, but those who do the homework do better than those that don’t.

Want to learn more?

Feel free to call. You might be surprise how quick and easy it is to set yourself free.